Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Nature of Personal Reality Session 640, Page 188

"The most rejuvenating idea of all, and the greatest step to any true illumination, is the realization that your exterior life springs from the invisible world of your reality through your conscious thoughts and beliefs, for then you realize the power of your individuality and identity. You are immediately presented with choices. You can no longer see yourself as a victim of circumstances. Yet the conscious mind arose precisely to open up choices, to free you from a one-road experience, to let you use your creativity to form diversified, varied comprehensions. Let us make a clear distinction here: Your conscious beliefs direct the flow of unconscious processes which bring your ideas into physical reality, so while your thoughts cause your experience, you are not consciously aware of how this takes place."

Well I agree with those who understand the exterior world - comprising the "ten thousand things," including anything like individuality or identity - is an illusion.

We're all One, but in this shattered existence, each of us, separate and alone, must contend with the separate rungs on a big hamster wheel.

That's what I think anyway. Or think I think when I think I'm separate and alone.
Afternoon ellwort... :)

Funny you would say that...I was a reading a random quote just before the one I posted that sort of addresses what you are saying...I've been trying to find it, and I think this is it = but not positive -

There are those who appear within these plays fully aware. These personalities willingly take roles, knowing that they are roles, in order to lead others toward the necessary realization and development. They lead the actors to see beyond the selves and settings they have created. These personalities from other levels of existence oversee the play, so to speak, and appear among the actors. Their purpose is to open up within the three-dimensional selves those psychological doorways that will release the three-dimensional self for further development in another system of reality.

Seth Speaksxo

(Countdown- t-minus 22 days!)
". . . those who appear in these plays fully aware." Sounds like Plato, no?
Also -
Oh - my 6:00 (3 your time?) victim just showed up - five minutes early. I'm at work, the Writing Center. Better go find out what's on her mind on the page.
22 days! Cool! One more week in the semester, then I'm (sort of)FREE!
Then, California, here we come!
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