Wednesday, April 15, 2009

*POW!* Just Coffee Coop. Cup No. 1

Marc Maron is right when he exclaims, "POW!" after drinking coffee from ....Today I'm drinking my first cup and it smelled wonderful while it brewed and tastes very good...even tho I bought it ground for a french press and since I didn't have time to buy a new one yesterday I put a course grind into my coffee pot today...If you buy this coffee, you can also get the special BRL ( blend and receive a discount for using the promo code BRL....Yum..and POW. Yes. * Just Coffee Coop:

Our politics


Farmworker solidarity
One of the great things about being a politically motivated business is that...well...we get to be out front with our politics.

Where many businesses try to conceal their political leanings for fear of alienating customers, or cannot come to any agreement on the things they believe, we have some basic things that we try to put out there in all of our interactions.

We believe in working for peace and against war. We feel like violence and agression are wrong and only recreate conflict.

We believe in freedom, autonomy, and cooperation. People are at their best when they are able to work things out for themselves. We are purposely non-hierarchical in our organizational structure.

We believe that market interaction can only work when it is based on mutual respect and conducted between equals. Our customers and our suppliers are our partners and we do not seek to exploit you all for the gain of our business.

We believe that non-violent social change needs to happen if we are going to get back on the collective right path as a species.

We believe in using our business to support like-minded groups in their work to achieve non-violent social change in any way we can.

We also believe in roasting and drinking some fine flippin coffee.

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