Monday, June 15, 2009

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Peruvian massacre aimed at opening Amazon to transnationals
Posted by thomaspainescorner on June 13, 2009 ... Among the dead were leaders of the Awajun indigenous community, Felipe Sabio and Mateo Inti. Initially, the well-known leader of the Aguarunas, Santiago Manuin Valera, who had received the Spanish Reina Sofia prize for his defense of nature and human rights, was also reported killed, sparking renewed anger among the local population. It was later reported, however, that Manuin Valera had survived surgery after being shot at least eight times, but remained in critical condition. Zebelio Kayap, president of the Frontier Communities of the Cenepa Organization (Odecofroc in Spanish), told La Republica, “Some of the natives’ bodies may have been burned by the police and thrown into the Marañón River.” Eyewitnesses reported seeing bodies placed in black plastic bags, loaded into helicopters and dumped in the river in an effort to cover up the scale of the massacre. The indigenous people began their protest in early April. They claim their ancestral rights to the jungle were not considered in the proposed deals with major capitalist interests and that the government did not consult them. In his typical arrogance, President Garcia responded by saying that he did not have to consult anyone because, according to the Constitution, the state owns all the mineral and hydrocarbon wealth of Peru. In a statement to the press at the end of last month, Garcia denounced the opposition among the indigenous people of the Amazon to opening up their lands for exploitation as “retrograde, backward and wrong,” adding that those who were protesting “haven’t even read” the legislation. * ">Report: 90% Of Waking Hours Spent Staring At Glowing Rectangles June 15, 2009 * Sedaris Reads “Solution to Saturday’s Puzzle” * ... As we become one with ourselves and are able to open and accept others and the love that they have to give, only then will be be able to get past the voices in our minds; the ones that tell us how to act, what to fear and to question our very existence and actions. Only then will we be able to give and receive what the world needs to heal itself. Only then will humanity really have a chance to move forward and to come together for the benefit of all the world’s inhabitants. It is the fears that keep us ‘in check’ and keep us from accepting the changes that will transcend the injustices. That keep us from believing in a ‘Utopian’ world that is just for all and that keeps us forever suckling at the tit of the competition based system that tries so hard to keep from slipping away into the abyss that it must eventually flow. Go out and find your ‘orgasm’, for your body, mind and spirit for it can set you free, if you let it. Find the ’self’ that can give completely, without question and without fear and don’t analyze, feel and trust your selves, for we all have the capacity to give and receive, to form a better humanity for all; don’t run from your emotions but rather, embrace them for only then can we begin to ‘feel’ again. * The Light of Darkness

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