Monday, June 29, 2009

Chavez threatens military action over Honduras coup

CARACAS: Venezuela's president Hugo Chavez on Sunday put troops on alert over a coup in Honduras and said he would respond militarily if his envoy to the Central American country was kidnapped or killed. Chavez said Honduran soldiers took away the Cuban ambassador and left the Venezuelan ambassador on the side of a road after beating him during the army's coup against his leftist ally, Honduran president Manuel Zelaya. The Honduran army ousted Zelaya and exiled him on Sunday in Central America's first military coup since the Cold War, after he upset the army by trying to win re-election. Chavez, on state television, said if his ambassador to Venezuela was killed, or troops entered the Venezuelan Embassy, "that military junta would be entering a defacto state of war. We would have to act militarily ... I have put the armed forces of Venezuela on alert." The socialist Chavez, who leads a group of leftist countries that includes the government of Honduras, has in the past threatened military action in the region but never followed through. He said that if a new government is sworn in after the coup it would be defeated. "We will bring them down, we will bring them down, I tell you," he said, while hundreds of red-shirted Chavez supporters gathered outside Venezuela's presidential palace in solidarity with Zelaya. The United States has long accused the Venezuelan former soldier of being a destabilizing force in Latin America. Chavez himself tried to take power in a coup in 1992 and was briefly ousted in a 2002 putsch but was reinstated after protests. Chavez, who accuses the United States of backing his removal, said on Sunday that there should be an investigation to see if Washington had a hand in Zelaya's ouster. "They will have to get to the bottom of how much of a hand the CIA and other imperial bodies had in this," he said. US president Barack Obama said he was deeply concerned by the events in Honduras and US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton condemned the action taken against Zelaya. The United States supported a number of military coups in Central America during the Cold War. Chavez and other Latin American leaders from his ALBA coalition, including Ecuador's President Rafael Correa and Bolivia's President Evo Morales, are planning to meet in Nicaragua this afternoon to discuss what action to take over the situation in Honduras. ALBA's nine members also include Cuba, Honduras and Nicaragua. Ecuador said on Sunday it will not recognize any new government in Honduras. The Obama administration recognizes ousted President Manuel Zelaya as the only constitutional president of Honduras, a senior administration official said on Sunday. "We recognize Zelaya as the duly elected and constitutional president of Honduras. We see no other," the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told reporters in a conference call organized by the US State Department.

Thanks. Thought so -

- when I heard about it on (whatever BS news- and remembered about the ordinance stinky military potties the Reagan shockers set up in Honduras as a base to unseat the popularly elected (now doesn't that phrase strike you as a commie Socialist threat?) president Ortega - I thought, "What nasties are these phony-on-the-take (Rahm Emanuel) assholes plotting now? And how come this hallway smells like old man Kissinger?

As beautiful as the New York/New England region is just now, I think we miss you, Husbot, Zeek, SF, y los otros already after our brush at the Garofalo/Maron smash. Do you have bluetooth? We probably could groove to the half-decent (i.e. humorous) shows on corporate NPR, like Wait Wait & all.

Confession: I write in the middle of the night. I edit -sometimes erase everything - in the too-soon cold light of dawn.

Treebu sleeps tonight - beautiful gentle even breaths: We just got Officiallay Married (Sacred Bonding ceremony Friday with all our kids present: watch out for uninvited photos), and we're still kind of spinning in the momentum.

Love yez
- Ellwort the Unlinear
I don't have bluetooth, no...

Soon I will have a wireless connection at home though so I can see and hear things faster...

I should try our web camera with you guys sometime...see if you can see us or not...

We've thought about putting up a camera on the cats for our own amusement...

There's DN at 5am my time that is live we could IM and yack..I don't know..but yeah..wish we were the vacationing couples again and not the working too hard couples as we are again now...

Yay! You're coming to Broadband World! Pretty f-ing amazing what you've done on dial-up, though - this blog for example. And all those lovely legs!

I think you'll find it easier - almost decadent - to be wifi online from the comfort of your laptop wherever you are in the house.

We get DN live online at 8 AM -same time as you, really, only civilized, sort of. About what time does the sun rise in northern California.

OK. Sorry, Alice's other readers at this blog! S: More off-mike from T&me.
xo (to all who've read this far)
The sun rises about 5:30 or 6am

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