Friday, June 19, 2009

James Joyce "Anna Livia Plurabelle" Poem Animation Movie

Ooooh! - That's creepy. Kinda gives me the willies.

Here's Angeline Ball doing Joyce's great Molly Bloom thing at the end of Ulysses:

Love to P and you - xo
Molly Bloom...I think that was brought up on Wait Wait Don't Tell Me show on NPR this week?

Do you listen to that show? Or Car Talk, or Prairie Home?

Did I ask you that when we met?

If so, I forgot....

I'm bad like that...

Love to you two love birds too...

P.S. Our beloved cat Laura (Lala) died this afternoon. She was 16 and Pierce's first cat...And I here I was spending the day deciding if I could ever have her euthanized or not...My-psyche-wise, as easy on my heart as a cat who disappears into the woods, never to return...

P.S.S. I'm having physical symptoms of stress being a headache where I can't laugh, cough, or bend forward (as in shelve books) without the feeling of my head exploding into tiny bits...

TMI? :)
S -
Never TMI: Hell, I'm a teacher, an avocation that stems from never wanting to stop learning. The students in the community college classes I get to teach have taught me more than my parents did - until just before their ends.
Our hearts go out to you & Pierce for the physical absence of of Lala, who we guess is out living it up in the fecund pageant of the June woods.
I love the Saturday morning NPR shows - all three you mention - and treebu does (laughs from the gut anyway) too, especially Wait Wait, I think. xo
We should have some sort of Wait Wait chat together on Sundays...or..the Saturday version that I just found out even existed...

Been indulging in Curb Your Enthusiasm episodes on DVD...

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