Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Atomic Punk

From: Here Punk Chartbusters v.4 CD1: (A punk chart?It's not punk if it's on a chart, no? Hmm..) 01-Gwyllions-I Can Hear Music.mp3 02-The Billy Rubin-Overload.mp3 03-Die Toten Hosen-Hang On Sloopy.mp3 04-The Unknown-You Might Think.mp3 05-Humam Hamster Hybrids-Conquered Love.mp3 06-Peace Brothers-Frozen.mp3 07-Raubertochter-Major Tom.mp3 08-The Living End-Tainted Love.mp3 09-ZSK-Eve Of Destruction.mp3 10-Schandfleck-Torn.mp3 11-Skin Of Tears-Suburbia.mp3 12-Tabascos-You Got It.mp3 13-Terrorgruppe-Love Machine.mp3 14-Socks-Dont You Want Me.mp3 15-Second Floor Daycare-Baby One More Time.mp3 16-Squatweiler-Call Me.mp3 17-Ruths Hat-Please Please Me.mp3 18-The MC Rackins-Talk Dirty To Me.mp3 19-Stimilion-Ill Be There For You.mp3 20-Backlash-I Dont Like Mondays.mp3 21-Nichts Gelernt-Du Tragst Keine Liebe In Dir.mp3 22-Payback-Nice Girls.mp3 23-Dragster-Livin La Vida Loca.mp3 24-In Case Of Emergency-Time Of My Life.mp3 25-UK Subs-Something In The Air.mp3 26-Funeral Dress-Leaving On A Jetplane.mp3 27-Tagtraum-Eternal Flame.mp3

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