Saturday, July 11, 2009

A new currency, time....


Time Is Money

Jessica Pherson

Looking for a new way to get your window fixed or hair cut without laying out the cash? Time Interchange New York (TINY) can help you to do just that. The alternative currency model just received some much needed attention in a segment on NBC.

By logging onto TINY’s website, people can find others in need of help and exchange an earned “time dollar” (the equivalent to 1 hour of work) for another task. For example, Jessica Harris, a TINY member who has already earned 8 time dollars through baby-sitting, was able to exchange one of her hours to get her long-time-broken light fixed. Harris, a supporter of the time banking system, stated she, “had great conversations and met [new] people.” This statement supports TINY being more than just an alternative currency exchange, but also a way to form and sustain communities. In describing the time banking system, Jordan Schacter, the founder of TINY, said, “Whether you’re shining shoes or designing a sky scraper, your time will be valued the same.”

LIke this. It kind of cuts through the oppressive crap inherent in modern capitalism - even if some greedy bastards eventually find ways to exploit people in a time exchange system. But it could draw people's lives and work back close again.
People in small communities have been known to do this informally; i.e., without obsessing down to the minute about counting hours spent.
Given that Manhattan is a roughly forty-square-mile island, it may be considered a fairly small community, actually a collection of communities. But there are more than eight million people living in that space - and historically efficient public transportation. People down there will always tell you what's wrong with it, but it beats the wasteful Roadrage Interstates.
Question: Is the woman in your current photo holding a mistress's whip or a butt scratcher?
Peace to you both on Sunday
Time banks are very popular now and seem to be growing in number each month. Here is one of the largest in the US.
The Fourth Corner Exchange is a big one across several states.

Thanks for the link, Mark...


-it could draw people's lives and work back close again-

I agree..and that would be nice I think...

I couldn't get over the butt scratcher portion and had to change my picture... :)

Dern! The little photo reminded me of the young woman I knew who wielded a mistress's whip (not with me - we were lumpen friends) when I was playing my rock&roll downtown. You wouldn't have believed it to meet her - she has a sensitive & sweet disposition and a huge heart.
And smart: sensibly pragmatic. Off-duty I could see her using a trade-tool as a butt-scratching utensil.
Hugs and eye-blinks -
- xo
Maybe it takes a good heart to perform in that manner for someone elses satisfaction? I don't know...but I'd love to meet one and interview her...


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