Saturday, August 01, 2009

Oliver Sacks on the iPod

From: August 1st, 2009

Oliver Sacks, the famous neurologist and author of Musicophilia, a study that looks at the human brain and music, speaks in Harpers about the landscape altering iPod:

As Daniel Levitin has pointed out, passive listening has largely replaced active music-making. Now that we can listen to anything we like on our iPods, we have less motivation to go to concerts or churches or synagogues, less occasion to sing together. This is unfortunate, because music-making engages much more of our brains than simply listening. Partly for this reason, to celebrate my 75th birthday last year, I started taking piano lessons (after a gap of more than sixty years). I still have my iPod (it contains the complete works of Bach), but I also need to make music.

via The Daily Dish

by Dan Colman |

Thanks, Alice. Yes! - Show me to where there's music - you know. Both of you. Yup.
Why haven't you or treebu told the blog about her running for election?

Can I tell? It's so cool.

It IS cool.
I don't imagine t would mind a bit if you told the people at the blog, but let's check with her first.
I haven't been getting around to the blog much these days:
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