Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sexual Freedom: Healthy or Harmful???, by Mosaic

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I wrote this blog a while back but have been too busy to post it. Yet today, Luke and Coqueto both wrote blogs about abstaining vs. giving into sexual desires, so I figured while the topic is hot, why not post it? This blog is not about casual sex, but it IS about sexual freedom. I want to open a discussion about sexual freedom. And by sexual freedom I don't mean "I went got drunk and kissed a girl." I mean really letting go and letting yourself tap into that deep dark place that is taboo and makes you blush to even think about. I have a friend that I call the "Fantasy Fulfiller." He has helped many women live out their deepest, darkest fantasies, the ones that most men would run scared from. Yet he fulfills them to the letter, no matter how twisted the request, without any sort of judgment or hesitation. He has the absolute ability to separate the sexual needs of a person from the actual person themselves. I happen to think it is absolutely amazing, and practically salivate at the thought of having that kind of freedom. Just the idea of being able to name anything I want, anything at all, and know that I can have it without any kind of judgment is so completely fulfilling that it is practically indescribable. It's like standing at the counter of a sexual fast food joint and having endless amounts of money to spend with a menu that wraps around 10 Empire State buildings. Absolutely limitless. Why is it so taboo to act on something just because others are too scared to do so? The majority of people on this Earth live their entire lives according to what other people deem acceptable. Why is this any way to live? To constantly suppress ourselves in order to fit into a pre-determined mold that others have for us is so stifling. Why must we conform to the standards of the majority of the population just to feel good about ourselves? Is it a matter of pleasing others or pleasing our own egos? Are we just too proud to rise above all that bullshit and say fuck it? Why not break free from that and actually LIVE rather than just going through the motions? How exhilarating and fulfilling do you think it is to actually be able to act out those dark twisted things that you secretly fantasize about without any fear of judgment from the other party? To be sexually free, I mean TRULY 100% free, to be able to look at your partner and say exactly what you want without any kind of hesitation whatsoever, how amazing must that feel? Think about it...think about how fucking great it must be to have that kind of freedom. Everyone fantasizes. Everyone. And everyone has twisted fantasies whether they realize it or not. If you take your small, slightly risque fantasies and really dig down past the surface of them, you'd be surprised at what you'll find. How many woman want to be slammed against the wall the way it happens in the movies? The couple is kissing in the hall, the next thing you know they are just inside the door and he slams her into the wall and "takes" her. Now take the feeling behind that, the emotion at the base of that scenario, and strip away everything else. It's aggression. Male aggression makes women feel alive, it gets their blood pumping and their heads light and their skin hot. To know that a man wants you bad enough that he absolutely cannot hold back is extremely erotic. (I know, I wrote a blog about it and had 8 pages of women enthusiastically agreeing with me.) Now take that aggression and let your mind run with it. Think about other ways that a man could be aggressive to you sexually, but forget about your mother, your sister, your church, your children, your job, your entire life. Let it all go, and really let your mind wander and see where it goes. Let's say that this little experiment leads you to a scene where you are running through the woods being chased by a man, who eventually "catches" you and aggressively fucks you. Let's say that it turns you on to think about it. Now let's say you willingly allow someone to do that to you in order to live out your fantasy. Does you think that it would make you more healthy sexually or less? Do you think that you would feel relieved afterwards? Do you think that it would be a phenomenal release for you? Do you think that the endorphins of such a complete release from life as you know it would be stimulating? Just imagine the decreased stress level of people if they truly let themselves go like that! Imagine how relaxed and content you would feel after successfully participating in something that goes against everything that has been drilled into your head since birth. Just imagine the satisfaction you would feel, the absolute control over your own life, more so than you have ever experienced before, with no regard for anyone else's opinion. How do you think you can reach the point of allowing yourself to get there psychologically? What would it take to be able to actually act, rather than imagine? Why not do it anyway, despite those circumstances? What's really holding you back?

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