Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Have you ever heard of Marc Emery?

[From my dear friend in Canada]

One of my fellow citizens is being extradited to your country to serve 5 years in maximum prison for selling the seeds of a certain plant species... After a 30 day tour, we saw a major tearful goodbye at the courthouse...

The Cannabis Sativa industry in my Province annually grosses over a billion dollars, literally. Over 80% of this goes to gangs like the 'Hells Angels' due to our own fucked up botanical prohibition laws. However, what Marc has done, selling seeds, is hardly a crime here. However, he also sold some seeds medicinally over the border, to ill Americans. (Something that happens often within your own borders.) Your government is asking that he serve 5 years in a prison where repetitious violent criminal offenders serve less time. His crime: selling the seeds of a plant. To this day, there is not one person who can stand up and say, 'What Marc Emery has done has hurt me.' On the contrary, he is a bookstore owning businessman who has provided the ill in Vancouver with medicinal house calls. The rapists in the prison he'll go to will serve less time, as he's being made an example of. This is how terrified and frail your dominator government is: They can't even handle medicine.

I can tell you that people in my community are fucking pissed. (To the point of gun ownership, and a hatred towards the U.S.' patriarchal dominion that is unprecedented...) People are fucking PISSED about this.

It's an echo of a few years ago, when the majority (over 80% of the people in my province) voted for full decriminalization of Cannabis Sativa. Our then Prime Minister, Chrétien, though 'Liberal,' had to bend our government over to the USA when your government actively threatened annexation and trade restrictions if we decriminalized. Many of us sought MORE than decriminalization, more that legalization! We sought LEGITIMATION, an open cultural admittance that yes, Cannabis is a gateway drug. But not in the way the patriarchal dominators spin it - It is a gateway drug because it serves as a cognitive doorway to realms of imagination, in addition to being a catalyst for memetic introspection.

I'm no journalist, I've too many morals, but I can objectively report that people in my community are asking, "How many stoner Americans are going to take their hands out of the bag of cheetoes, get off the couch, and write their congresswomen about this...!?"

I am even shocked to see our main provincial papers so biased! People are fucking outraged!

The 'Vancouver Sun' article - "Marc Emery's sentence reeks of injustice and mocks our sovereignty."

Thought you may wanna post about it...


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