Saturday, November 21, 2009

“The Devil kissed me tonight & I saw Heaven”, by soniahunt

[Thanks to William Dickenson for this link]

Close your eyes & I’ll tell you a story. It was a cold winter night. I was wrapped in a silky pashmina underneath my wool coat because I was wearing a sexy sleeveless top that didn’t know it was 47 degrees outside. The alley was dirty. Two men were sitting outside smoking cigars. I nod and walk in. It’s dark. I hear the sounds of old jazz playing in the background. The faces at the bar are only visible by the backlight behind the extremely organized bottles of alcohol. I sit. “Four Roses Bourbon, neat”, says my raspy voice. The bartender is impressed. What, you’ve never met a girl that knows her Whiskey?? He smirks. Just do your job, mister. I’m presented a menu and my eyes are taken aback. And there he is; as romantic as the alley in which he resides. I take a sip of Four Roses as my eyes widen with excitement. I nod to the bartender and he reacts as if he knows what I’m saying. I sit, acting coy so as to not show my excitement for what is about to happen. And then he comes to me. So beautiful, so neat; just breathtaking. He is in front of me. I start to quiver..wait, that was my last blog. I close my eyes and open my mouth and the little devil kisses me! Moist bliss; So good that I stopped breathing. Breathe baby, I’m telling myself, as I’m waiting for the next one. Licking my lips, smiling, seeing the warm light of heaven. And finally I profess out loud ‘this is the best damn Deviled Egg I’ve had in my life!’.

Yes, Deviled Eggs. They are somewhat of a phenomenon to me. I’ve recently seen them on menus everywhere in NYC and being the angel that I am, I try them because I don’t really make a good one. No where in NY have I found one that I like – too dry, too much mayo, flakes of paprika caked on. Groce! But let me tell you something…the Deviled Eggs at Bix will make you feel like you’ve just reached heaven. The minute they touched my lips I tasted cream, moistness, salt – just like a nervous guy when plants one on you. But wait..garlic, hint of truffles &, shaved beans lightly kissed with chives? Oh God! The flavors don’t overpower each other; they melt together in your mouth, just like a kiss. And with a Four Roses Bourbon, you might as well call it a night after you’re done because these hors d’oeuvres are enough to fill your tummy, warm your heart &; keep you satisfied on a cold night.

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