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On Seth * Frameworks 1 and 2, by Carol Leigh Rice


The Seth Series: In the coming weeks I will be posting a series on Jane Roberts, the channel of Seth, including Jane’s birth chart and my analysis, along with some less common perspectives on Jane, her life, and the Seth Material…

Mass Death and Other Group Events
In my previous post, I talked of “Mass Death” that I have foreseen in coming times, and of death as a release and open door for individual human beings. Each of us benefits from time spent contemplating death from various points of view. With practice, one gradually learns how to do that, and to prepare, without fear.

But what about when death comes to dozens, hundreds, thousands, even millions, in a single time-place event? Indeed, what about other mass disasters or group transformations such as migration, war, famine, the collapse of a civilization? Mass death comes in many forms and, according to Seth, these events are no more random or accidental, much less meaningless, than is the death of a single individual.

Here is Seth, discussing the origin and purpose of mass events such as death:

“We will call the world, as you physically experience it, Framework 1. In Framework 1, you watch television programs, for example. You have your choice of many channels….You follow certain scenes or actors….You watch all of these dramas, hardly understanding how it is that they appear on your screen to begin with ….Even the actors themselves, taking part in such sagas, have but the remotest idea of the events that are involved in order that their own images will appear on your television screen….Now somewhere there is a program director, who must take care of the entire programming…Let us imagine that physical events occur in the same fashion — that you choose those which flash upon the screen of your experience…..As you do not know what happens in the television studio before you observe a program…so you do not know what happens in the creative framework of reality before you experience physical events. We will call that vast unconscious mental and universal studio Framework 2…

“Actors visit casting agencies so that they know what plays need their services. In your dreams you visit casting agencies. You are aware of the various plays being considered for physical production. In the dream state, then, often you familiarize yourself with dramas that are of a probable nature. If enough interest is shown, if enough actors apply, if enough resources are accumulated, the play will go on. When you are in other than your normally conscious state, you visit that creative inner agency in which all physical productions must have their beginning. You meet with others, who for their own reasons are interested in the same kind of drama. Following our analogy, the technicians, the actors, the writers all assemble — only in this case the result will be a live event rather than a televised one. There are disaster films being planned, educational programs, religious dramas. All of these will be encountered in full-blown physical reality. Such events occur as a result of individual beliefs, desires, and intents.
There is no such thing as a chance encounter. No death occurs by chance, nor any birth.

“In the creative atmosphere of Framework 2, intents are known. In a manner of speaking, no act is private. Your communication systems bring to your living room notices of events that occur throughout the world. Yet that larger inner system of communications is far more powerful in scope, and each mental act is imprinted in the multidimensional screen of Framework 2. That screen is available to All, and in other levels of consciousness, particularly sleep and dreaming stages, the events of that inner reality are ever-present and easily accessible as physical events when you are awake.

“It is as if Framework 2 contains an infinite information service, that instantly puts you in contact with whatever knowledge you require, that sets up circuits between you and others, that computes probabilities with blinding speed. Not with the impersonality of a computer, however, but with a loving intent that has your best purposes in mind—yours and also those of each other individual. You cannot gain what you want at someone else’s detriment, then. You cannot use Framework 2 to force an event upon another person. Certain prerequisites must be met, you see, before a desired end can become physically experienced….

“…Framework 2 represents the inner sphere of reality, the inner dimensions of existence, that gives your world its own characteristics. The energy and power that keeps you alive, that fuels your thoughts — and also the energy that lights your cities — all have their origins in Framework 2. The same energy that leaps into practical use when you turn on your television sets also allows you to tune into the daily experienced events of your lives….

“The origin of your universe is nonphysical, and each event, however grand or minute, has its birth in the Framework 2 environment. Your physical universe arose from that inner framework, then, and continues to do so. The power that fuels your thoughts has the same source. In a manner of speaking the universe as you understand it, with All the events that it includes, functions “automatically” in its important processes, as your body does. Your individual desires and intents direct that activity of your body’s spontaneous processes….Your intents have a great effect upon your body’s health. In the same fashion, jointly, all the people alive at any given time “direct” the events of the universe to behave in a certain fashion, even though the processes must happen by themselves, or automatically. Other species have a hand in this also, however, and in one way or another all of you direct the activity of the physical body of the world in much the same way that you (each) direct your own bodily behavior.

“You were born with the impetus toward growth built in — automatically provided with the inner blueprints that would lead to a developed adult form. Not only the cells, but the atoms and the molecules that compose them contained a positive intent to cooperate in a bodily formation, to fulfill themselves, and they were then predisposed not only toward survival, but with an idealization leading toward the best possible development and maturity. All of these characteristics have their sources in Framework 2, for the psychological medium in Framework 2 is automatically conducive to creativity. It is not simply a neutral dimension, therefore, but contains within itself an automatic predisposition toward the fulfillment of all patterns inherent in it….It is automatically predisposed, again, toward the creation of “good” events. I put the word “good” in quotes for now, because of your misconceptions about the nature of good and evil….”

From Jane Roberts/Seth, The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events

Seth, as channelled by Jane Roberts,

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