Saturday, March 27, 2010

* This song is also known as "Adriatic Sea View" or "SeaView"*

This is probably one of the rarest songs you will ever hear. It was ONLY released on a promo tape that circulated in the Midlands in 1968..... ENJOY!!!

This song is different in the lineup from the other released Band of Joy. . The 2 songs released on Plant's 66 from Timbuktu, (Hey Joe and For What its Worth) have
Vocal - Plant, Drums - John Bonham, Guitar - Kevin Gammond, Organ - Chris Brown, Bass - Paul Lockie

The last line up of The Band Of Joy consisted of Robert Plant, John Bonham, John Hill and Mick Strode in 1968. John Hill was a great friend of Bonham, they were at school together, he was playing bass in a band called Uncle Joseph. Robert and John co-opted Hill and strode into the band to complete a tour of Scotland for the infamous promoter Duncan McKinnon.

The following is a recent letter from John Hill:

Hi, my name is John Hill.

You may or may not know that the very last line up of the Band of Joy consisted of Johny Bonham, Mick Strode, Rob Plant, and myself. We did a tour round Scotland and the north in 1968. This was for the infamous Duncan McKinnon "Drunken Duncan", a superb man with a wonderful warm heart. It was right after this that Robert went to London and whilst stopping with Alexis Corner he was put in touch with Jimmy Page. The rest as you know is history.

This didn't help me and my best mate Bonzo at the time as we were about to rehearse a new line-up consisting of John, myself, Reggie and Chrissy Jones and a keyboard player that John found from a Liverpool band - I think they were known as the Peeps ?. I went on to join a band called the Wellington Kitch Jump Band with Chris Brown on hammond. Chris is also ex Band of Joy from the more well known line-up. Anyway, Bonzo finally got the message after several telegrams and wisely got his ass down to London.

Oh yes - I am still playing in a band called the Notorious Brothers. Check it out sometime - maybe the Monday of the fill your head with rock festy.

All the best and keep on rockin - John

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